RMA C – The Carousel Roller Assembly Machine (MAXI)

Powerful and reliable


  • Maximum economic
  • High flexibility and capacity
  • Easy to operate
  • Safety
  • Remote control

The machine consists of one horizontal carousel with 10 stations, 4 vibratory magazines (1st cap, 1st clamp, 2nd cap, 2nd clamp) and one step feeder and conveyor for inner tubes. If different diameters of rollers are processed on the machine, it is possible to double the vibration magazines for the caps. The rollers are fed into the machine on a conveyor belt and further to the assembly stations, there are 2 brushing units on the carousel and the whole process ends by ejecting the finished rollers out of the machine. The machine is equipped with a very sophisticated control system with graphic control.

This machine can be connected to an RBA machine in a line.

The machine consists of individual stations:

Placing the cap on the carousel mandrel
Clamp placing
Placing and orientation of the inner tube
Clamp placing
Roller placing
Cap placing

Technical data

power: up to 1200 pcs/hour, depending on size and quality components
length of the final roller:  70 - 250 mm
inner roller diameter: 38 - 58 mm
control: industrial PC with touch screen
electrical connection: 400 V / 50 Hz (60 Hz)
compressed air: 6 bar

CE safety standard.